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This website will likely disappear at the end of 2024.

I am finishing my teaching career at the end of this year, and will not keep the site up beyond then. If you use this site I suggest you clone it for use offline. If there is teacher who would like to republish this material as a website (with their own changes), please make it free access! Oh, and let me know please, just as a courtesy. The cost for hosting and domain is about $200/yr.

Welcome Teachers and Students (and Parents)

  • Term Planners, Learning Goals, and Assessment schedules,
  • Resources which I use in the classroom;
Brief overviews of each subject and links are above and below

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My Science Connections
Chemistry (Links below)
Units 1 & 2 of the "new" SATE course are covered in yr 11. The yr 12 course actually starts in term 4 of yr 11 and continues in the first 3 terms of yr 12
Yr 11 - Units 1 & 2     Yr 12 Units 3 & 4
Junior Science
Resources for my teaching of these courses are available below. The year in brackets indicates when I last taught this course. I have not yet taught our Yr 7 course
Yr 7 (2020)  Yr 8 (2023)  Yr 9 (2022)  Yr 10 (2023)
BBC Science and Environmental News
Articles about new and emerging Science stories at BBC News site
Study Tips and Science Stuff
Links to help students with study (ie tips) or just interesting science sites
What's UP? - This is what's happening in my classes in 2023

8 Science - our unit this term is CELLS and REPRODUCTION. About three weeks on cell structure and function, then Reproduction - types (asexual/sexual), sexual reproduction in plants, and reproduction in humans. Exam at the end of the unit.

11 Chemistry - Finishing revision for the yr 11 chemistry exam in week 3 exam block. We will start the year 12 unit 3 in week 4, begining with REDOX chemistry.

10 Physical Sciences - We will be covering the physics part of the course this term. Mainly that will involve developing analysis skills as the physics part of the end of semester exam is a data test. Then in week 6, we will cover some Chemistry revision and the end of semester test will be on the Friday of week 6 and Monday of week 7 (physics first, then chemistry) week 7, prior to the end of semester exam block which is Friday week 7 and week 8.

Gary Turner Science
QLD Alan Druery Excellence in Teaching Award (QCT)
QLD Secondary Teacher of the year Award (AISTL)
QLD Centenary of Federation Teaching Award (RACI)
Peter Doherty Excellence in Science Teaching Award
Prime Minister Commendation for Science Education Award