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Study Tips and Cool Science Stuff

This is a page for links to external sites relating specifically to students who want to improve their study skills OR just check out some trusted science sites


Studying properly is a skill few students have. Most students misunderstand the concept of "studying", and make it out to be much harder than it is. Below are a few sites which may assist students who are seeking to improve their study skills. - nice clean interface, very useful, links lead to some really simple but great advice - thanks for a tip about this page by Edward Schrader

Articles on How to Study This site has a lot of articles(each very brief) which cover some basic study skills

Blog article of some key ideas for effective studyThis is a blog article by Jack Millgram. Actually targeted at students who have difficulty focusing on tasks- but the ideas are very clear and well presented - useful for all students.

The Feynmen Technique - a very useful technique for studying concepts or ideas. Make these these to go with your study notes.

Cool Science Stuff

These are some random sites which either have useful science; amusing science perspectives; or just excellent presentation of science

Aus Pop Sci The Australian Popular Science site

Periodic Table - see the top tabs

Periodic Table - see History & Trends tabs

Balancing Chemical Equations Video 1

Balancing Chemical Equations Video 2

Gary Turner Science
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