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My Science Connections
In 2019 the new SATE course will be introduced in year 11. My year 12's will continue with their existing course.
Yr 11 Chemistry      Yr 12 Chemistry
Junior Science
Resources for my teaching of these courses are available below. The year in brackets indicates when I last taught this course. I have not yet taught our Yr 7 course
Yr 8 (2019)  Year 9 (2019)   Year 10 (2017)
BBC Science and Environmental News
Articles about new and emerging Science stories at BBC News site
Study Tips and Science Stuff
Links to help students with study (ie tips) or just interesting science sites
What's UP? - This is what's happening in my classes

12 Chemistry (posted 4th Feb)

This term is a unit on the Chemistry of electron exchange - called redox Chemistry. Last year we had terrific results for the class due to a lot of hard work, so I am keen to maintain the momentum. In general there is usually a drop in marks this term as a very different type of learning is required. There is a lot of specific language and simple knowledge learnt in the first few weeks and without knowing this well, students will struggle later in the term. The key will be for students to keep up to date with constant study, especially early in the term. We are working from booklets so students can work ahead if they like. There are two exams at the end of the term.

11 Chemistry (posted 4th Feb)

Brand new course and I am very excited to teach this course. Our first homework sheet is due tomorrow (Tues 5th) so i will be able to get a measure of progress from that. We have a lot of small sections in this course - which are all outlined on the 11 Chemistry page. On the 11 chem page students can find all the resources I use in class plus additional support material - usually short videos to support students understanding the ideas. We only have one assessment piece this term - a data test in week 10. A data test uses their knowledge of the course to analyse and interpret data provided in the test. This data test is worth 10% of their year 11 grade.

9 Science (posted 4th Feb)

I have two year 9 science classes - 9D and 9H. We are starting the year with a Chemistry unit. All the resources I use plus additional support resources can be found on my year 9 page. Students have been given homework sheets which will be due every week (or so). I also give additional homework so students should always have science homework they can be doing. We have two assessment items this term - a test in week 7, and an experimental report in week 9/10. PLease feel free to contact me.

8 Science (posted 4th Feb)

Hi 8G parents. We are starting with a Chemistry unit this term on Matter (Solids, Liquids, and Gases) and Chemical Change. I am still getting to know the class. Most have made a great start. There is a homework sheet handed out today (Monday 4th) which was a bit of a shock to most students. It is due next monday. Please feel free to help your student with this homework sheet and ask your son or daughter about what is happening in science.

Gary Turner Science
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