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My Science Connections
Chemistry (Links below)
Units 1 & 2 of the "new" SATE course are covered in yr 11. The yr 12 course actually starts in term 4 of yr 11 and continues in the first 3 terms of yr 12
Yr 11 - Units 1 & 2     Yr 12 Units 3 & 4
Junior Science
Resources for my teaching of these courses are available below. The year in brackets indicates when I last taught this course. I have not yet taught our Yr 7 course
Yr 7 (2020)  Yr 8 (2023)  Yr 9 (2022)  Yr 10 (2023)
BBC Science and Environmental News
Articles about new and emerging Science stories at BBC News site
Study Tips and Science Stuff
Links to help students with study (ie tips) or just interesting science sites
What's UP? - This is what's happening in my classes in 2022

9 Science

12 Chemistry -

10 Extension Science

10 Science

Gary Turner Science
QLD Alan Druery Excellence in Teaching Award (QCT)
QLD Secondary Teacher of the year Award (AISTL)
QLD Centenary of Federation Teaching Award (RACI)
Peter Doherty Excellence in Science Teaching Award
Prime Minister Commendation for Science Education Award